46 Awesome Minimalist Studio Apartment Interior Design

Minimalist Studio Apartment Interior Design 88 Fancy Minimalist Living Room Interior Design Ideas for Studio Apartments with Red sofa and White 9

Minimalist Studio Apartment Interior Design 66

Apartment type studio indeed loved some central community especially the millennial generation, living in the big city. The reason for this one, a relatively affordable price as well as the city centre. However, having an apartment with this small size, it certainly needs a bit of wisdom in shopping and put Your furniture items. As much as possible, changing the paradigm of studio apartments became less studio. The following design studio apartments less studio you can follow


Separate with a carpet Design studio apartment belonging to Jeanette and Mikul in California, look quite spacious. By using a vital design equipment, they create a room that is comfortable. The carpet is used as a delimiter for the area of residence specifically. Thus, a more intimate zone feels due to the carpet as a space divider. Adjust the layout Using the varied furniture as well as clever in put it, is the key in making a studio apartment does not appear to the studio. For example, put the work table while dining table to the corner of the wall to save space. In addition, put a sofa as a sign that the area is part of the family room. Meanwhile, on the front put a Chair that shows that it is a living room area, when visible by naked eye. 3. create your own wall, Usually a studio apartment, has no border wall between rooms. However, you can make a variety of furniture as a delimiter for Your tiny apartment. Of course, you need a little privacy for your room, right?

Trick Trick quite clever in Dominic juggle his studio apartment in West Hollywood, using two trick trick of a different design. First, he built a dividing wall, where half of these are sized differently. This creates an area with different dimensions in the apartment, but not blocking the light. Second, inadvertently, he created a compact workspace, which can be closed once the work is completed.


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